Easy steps to activate www.roku.com/link, enter roku code


Guidance for how to setup and activate www.roku.com/link account

As we all know Roku streaming player is very easy to install and setup but sometimes users think that it is not easy to setup and activate roku.com/link. Yes, it also easy if you will follow our instruction.

roku.com/link, www.roku.com/link

Belongings may you need:
    1. TV or HD TV
    2. Roku streaming player
    3. Wireless/wired connection
    4. Any system line PC or tablet
    5. HDMI cable

Steps for activating www.roku.com/link account:

Follow these simple steps for activation.

  1. The very first step, connect Roku streaming player to your TV. Nowadays the TV comes with HDMI ports, you can connect through it and move further
  1. After that, you have to select a language according to your choice
  1. Reboot your Roku streaming player
  1. Now update your Roku player, it can take some time so wait for it
  1. Now some options will show on TV screen like; HBO, watch YouTube, WWE network, Hulu, Netflix and so on. To activate Roku player you need to log on to Roku com link and enter your Roku code on roku.com/link.
  1. Type www.roku.com/link in URL bar, and enter Roku code here
  1. Not create your personal Roku account and choose a payment method
  1. Now you can enjoy your Roku with free Roku channels and if you want to add paid channels also then you can add as well

www.roku.com/link, roku.com/link

Now you are able to stream your movies, videos, music and so on. If you facing any problem in this setup and activate www.roku.com/link account process then you can call us on our customer care number and also use our chat support services as well. We are always here to help you. Our expert technicians will help you and advice you related to this problem. Contact us and fix your all Roku issues today!





    • This error 001 issue is mostly when your TV is not able to reach the activation server. Select Network Setup and change your network settings

    • Open #www.roku.com/link account in new browser

      Enter your Roku link code into Roku account

      If you have not a Roku account then creates account it first

      Now, Set your security PIN code number

      Choose payment method

      Add your channels according to you and start streaming with your new Roku player

      For more information you can contact our technicians

  1. I am getting confused, here so many websites and options but not getting the right place roku.com/link to enter the activation code.


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