How to Enter Roku Code on


Finding an error code 001 when you Enter Roku Code on the account?

Guidance for how to Enter Roku Code on account

When the user Enter Roku Code on the account there may be chances of occurrence of error code 001. But this error can be eliminated by following some important as well as useful steps moreover, you can also take help from Roku experts or technicians for resolving this error.

Firstly how and when these error codes occur? issues-Error code 001:-

  • When you connects Roku device to you home theater and it shows retry option not able to connect or wok ahead it means that error code 001 has occurred.
  • Even your network settings are proper still it doesn’t work then it means the error code 001 occurs.
  • This is basically due to server connection which causes the network to be the disconnect and hence your Roku device will nor able to work ahead.

enter roku code


Then by following some steps you can easily eliminate you error code 001 –

  • Very first go to home (x5)press the fast forward (x3) after the first step.
  • Then click on rewind (x2)
  • Click on “OK” for updating the software.
  • During software update all your pending updates will update automatically
  • After the process of updating please click on retry for connecting to your wireless network.
  • In case these steps don’t show any result then reset your device and retry again later.
  • After performing these steps your error gets resolved and you will be able to get Roku activation code as soon as possible on your

Here some issues arrive when Roku customers setup and activate roku device and account. We provide support for all Roku com link problems that given following:

  • Not finding the Roku activation code
  • Showing error codes error001, error003, error009, error011, error013, error014
  • Unable to connect Roku Device to wireless network
  • Roku not activating
  • Roku remote control is not working
  • Linking activation issues

All the issues can be solved by our technicians so don’t get worried about Roku technical issues. We provide Roku online chat support, Contact now for support and linking issues.


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