How to activate www roku com link account?


Setup and activation process for www roku com link account:

Have you got a new Roku streaming player for your TV? worried about How to setup www roku com link account? And now, thinking about to installation process. Roku is one of the best streaming players in which is based on the internet connection. Moreover, it is a small device which allows us to watch movies, TV shows, and video at any time. There is no requirement to wait for the particular time to watch your shows. Yes, Roku player is easy but in sometimes users may face some problems when they enter Roku code and at that time they think Don’t worry about it because we are providing an optimal solution for this problem.

roku com link

Guidelines to setup account:

Let start to setup your Roku player, follow these steps for activation.

Step: 1. Firstly, you have to select an appropriate network connection. It could be the wireless or wired network

Step: 2. if you are using a wireless network then no need to have a cable for connection. Just follow simple steps to connect a wireless network. Fill the network name and password and connect your Roku to the internet.

Step: 3. if you are using a wired network, then use a cable or HDMI cord for connection and connect your Roku player to the network.

Step: 4. after that, turn on your Roku and follow the steps for the roku activation link process. Connect your power adapter to Roku player after some time, Roku will restart and show a screen with some commands like; Roku starting please wait, Roku launching home screen and welcome.

Step: 5. Press “OK” button.

Step: 6. Go to www roku com link for entering the Roku code.

If you are still facing any problem related to setup www roku com link account, please contact our  Roku Technical support team. You can call us at any time, we are happy to help you.


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