Tips for how we can increase the storage capacity on Roku


How to increase the Storage Capacity on Roku?

In order to increase the storage capacity of your Roku streaming player, you need to insert the micro SD card in it because SD card loads your channels and games faster.

As you all know that some of the Roku models will provide you the facility to access the micro SD card. The micro SD card will help you to increase the internal memory for installing the games and channels from the Roku channel store.

Generally, micro SD card is use to store and manipulate the personal media like videos, images, and music. You can use USB device in order to access the personal media.

micro SD cardmicro SD-card

So, if you want to install micro-SD card on your Roku device, you have to follow some easy steps. The steps are as below:

When to insert SD card:

For inserting the SD card

  • Choose “format”.
  • After this, dialog indicates that “micro SD card detected” appears.
  • Select “Continue” in order to begins the formatting.
  • It will may take some time.
  • Once the formatting gets complete, click on “OK”.
  • Finally, Roku player will now use the micro SD card to enhance the storing capacity of the Roku streaming device.

Installation of SD card on Roku player:

For the installation follow some steps

  • First of all, bring your Roku player.
  • Insert the SD card into the back of your Roku player.
  • If you insert the SD card properly then you will hear a click sound.

Removing a micro SD card:

If you want to remove the SD card then you can easily by doing some efforts. For this, look into the back of your Roku device and safely remove the SD card.

Removal of SD card will not cause any lost for games and channels you buy.

Facing any problem with SD Card:

  • Your micro-SD card cannot use error message
  • SD card is protected.
  • Runs slowly.
  • Corrupted card.
  • Device will not read card
  • The card is not found.
  • SD card is locked

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