How to add Roku channels on your Roku device

How to add Roku channels on your Roku device

Roku streaming device allows you to add Roku channels according to your choice. Moreover, you can use channel through your streaming device, website or your Roku mobile app. In addition, Roku provides paid as well as free channels. If you want to add on-demand channels then you need to make payment for that. Here we are providing the steps for adding channels on your Roku streaming device.

How to add channel from Roku device?

  • First of all, you need to access your Roku home screen on your TV
  • Simply press “Home” button on your Roku remote control to open home screen
  • Further, you have to find “streaming and channels” and select
  • Once you click on this, you can access the Roku channel store on your device
  • Roku channel store has the list of popular categories, you can select any category to find your channel
  • When you select your channel, it will give you the “details” option to find the more detail about your channel
  • Simply tap on “details” and press OK button on your Roku remote control to explore
  • If you are adding a free channel, simply click on “Add Channel” and install the channel on your Roku streaming device
  • If you want to add the paid channel, you need to click on “Buy $X.XX” and complete your channel purchasing
  • Afterward, you need to enter your Roku transaction PIN to complete your transaction
  • You can update your payment information by using your account

How to install channels on your Roku device?

You can add channels through your streaming device or website. If you are adding channels via your streaming device, you can see the channel in your Roku list instantly. Moreover, if you are adding channel via website, you need to wait for installation. Further, you can see your channel icon on your Roku home screen.

How to add Roku channels from Roku mobile app?

Before adding channels, you have to add Roku mobile app on your mobile device. Once you install the app, you can start adding channel through your mobile app.

  • You need to open Roku mobile app on your mobile device
  • Afterward, find the “Channel” icon on your app screen
  • Now choose “Channel store” to explore the Roku channels
  • Find your channel and click on “Add channel” to add to your Roku channel list
  • Complete all on-screen instructions and enjoy your streaming on Roku streaming device
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