How to increase Roku storage with the micro SD card

Manage Roku channel subscription from your Roku device

Although, Roku streaming player provide storage, you can increase Roku storage with the micro SD card. Moreover, some Roku streaming devices includes micro SD card slot to insert the memory card. In addition, you cannot use this memory card for your personal storage such as images, videos and music files. Besides this, you can use this to store your Roku channels and apps. When you add Roku channels, it will give you a suggestion for storage. Furthermore, you need to purchase a Roku streaming device that includes micro SD card. Now are showing you the steps to install micro SD card on your Roku device to increase Roku storage.

How in install micro SD card to increase Roku storage?

Roku streaming player includes the micro SD slot on the back of your streaming player. Now insert the micro SD card from the back side into the slot. Moreover, you need to push your SD card to insert. In addition, it might be possible that you need to remove your HDMI cable in order to increase Roku storage through micro SD card.

After inserting the micro SD card:

Once you insert the memory card, you can follow these steps.

  • Simply choose “Format” when you the dialog that indicate “micro SD card detected”
  • Make sure, there is no data in your SD card because it can erase automatically
  • Afterward, you need to choose “Continue” and start formatting
  • You need to wait, it will take some time to format
  • Further, you need to choose “OK” when you see “Formatting Complete”
  • Now you can use micro SD card to increase Roku storage and start downloading the more channels, games and apps

How to remove micro SD card?

Roku allows you to remove micro SD card whenever you want. Moreover, it will not affect your downloaded channels, games and apps. Basically, micro SD card uses to increase Roku storage. Furthermore, you cannot use the stored data on another Roku streaming device.


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