How to install Roku mobile app service on your mobile device

How to use Roku screen mirroring with your mobile device

Roku provides free Roku mobile app service for all Android and iOS devices. Moreover, it allows you to use Roku mobile app as your remote control. You need to follow some condition in order to use Roku mobile app. In addition, some Roku mobile app features do not support Roku device. Therefore, you need to determine which feature you can use which your Roku device. Here we are showing you some conditions for Roku mobile app.

  1. Roku mobile app support only English language
  2. Further, you can use Roku mobile app in few countries such as the United State (US), United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Mexico, France and Ireland
  3. Moreover, connect your Roku device as well as mobile app to the same internet connection

What Roku devices support Roku mobile app features?

Roku OS version 6.2 or newer Roku devices can support Roku mobile app features. If you are facing problems, you need to check your Roku software updates. You can also check it manually.

What mobile devices work with your Roku mobile app?

Roku mobile app service can support 6.0 or higher version of iOS devices. Furthermore, you can download Roku mobile app from App Store for your iOS device. Moreover, Roku mobile app can support 4.0.1 or newer version of Android device. In addition, you can download Roku mobile app from Google Play store for your Android device.

How to connect Roku mobile app to your Roku streaming device?

First of all, you need to install Roku mobile app service on your mobile device according to the operating system. Make sure your Roku device as well as Roku mobile app must be connected to the same wireless network connection. When you launch Roku mobile app on your mobile device, you need to select a Roku streaming device that you want to connect.

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