How To Activate Account At Home

How To Setup Account Easily 

In order to activate your account, you get a Roku activation code. You have to enter Roku code on and submit it. setup , setup code , code , no credit card
  • For account activation firstly connect your roku device to your TV by using HDMI cable
  • Secondly, insert the batteries to your remote and connect power adapter to wall and power connector to roku device
  • In next step, you have to select a language of your choice that you can understand easily to follow the instructions displayed on your screen for set up and activation of roku player.
  • After that, you have to choose whether the connection is wired or wireless. For wireless connection, you have to fill the username as well as password and for wired it is connected directly.
  • After that press connect button and your roku streaming player will be associated with your device.
  • After connection to the internet, your roku player will automatically install the latest updates and version of the software and to your channels and will reboot and restart.
  • Now create a roku account to activate your roku streaming player so that your roku account keep the path of all roku channel store. 
  • Using roku activation code that s displayed on your TV screen activate your roku device.
  • The last step, enter roku code on the website e. activation code link website and press submit option.
  • After completing these all steps, your roku device is ready to service for you. Troubleshooting and Solution

However, if you are suffering from issues? Are you seeking for Troubleshooting? Well, here is the solution to your problems. We provide you the answer to all your Questions. Now follow the valuable instruction that is mention below.

Troubleshooting Roku Remote Problems:

If you get a problem in Roku remote, follows these instructions to troubleshoot Roku remote issues.

Roku Remote Not running:

If you see that your remote is not working, then you need to try these simple steps in order to resolve this problem:

  • Firstly, check your Remote batteries; ensure that they are in the correct position.
  • And also, verify that they are in a working situation.
  • Now, press pairing button under the Roku remote.
  • Once green lamp flashes on the front, drop pairing button.
  • Now your Roku remote in working condition.

Roku remote not catching correspond to Roku device:

If your Roku device is not functioning properly, you need to sync your Roku Remote.

  • First of all, turn “off” your device by unplugging the power adapter.
  • And wait for some time and again attach power adapter.
  • Now, open back battery compartment, press pairing button for 3 seconds.
  • Then, again wait for 10 seconds until the LED stops flashing.
  • At last, your remote is ready to use.

Roku device not paired with Roku device:

On the other hand, if your device is not paired with your Remote then needs to follow these steps:

  • First of all Go to the “home” button and select “Settings” option.
  • Afterward, choose “Remote pairing” option, then follow on-screen instructions.
  • Check your remote is paired or not.
  • If still not pairing, you need to unplug the power adapter.
  • Now, select “A and B” button and hold them.
  • After that, press “pairing” button at the back of the remote.
  • Release pairing button, when your LED light flashing 3 times which means your remote is clear (Note: these instructions also fix HDCP authorized Roku issue).

Roku Remote is not updated with new Software:

Additionally, if your Roku Remote is not up-to-date then you get several types of problems. When your device or remote not updated then Error Code 011 occur on the screen. Firstly, you want to update your software with to the latest version through guided steps:

  • Go to the official site of Roku “”.
  • Then update your device with the new version (note: ensure that your device has internet connection in order to update Roku).
Moreover, if still, you’re remote not running properly then you need to Factory reset your device. In order to “Reset” your Roku device follows instructions:
  • Locate the “Reset” button at the back of Roku device.
  • Then, press “Reset” button for 20 seconds, your device has been reset.
  • This will resolve your all issue related to Roku Remote.

Troubleshooting Activation Issues of

Sometimes, Roku may find some issues during the Roku activation process. In order to troubleshoot these issues follows describes the steps:

When an error occurs while entering activation code at

If you get an error at the time of entering the activation code, try to enter again. If you still find an error then there are maybe typing error, network error or other error. To solve these type of issues follows instructions below:

  • Firstly, click on “Home” button from Roku device.
  • Now, choose “Help” option or press * on your remote.
  • Afterward, click on “Get a new code” option.
  • Once the new code display on your screen, fill “new activation code” over the “”.

After entering the Activation code, Roku fixed to link code screen:

Sometimes, your Roku takes some time to activate your Roku, so wait for a few minutes. But still, if your device display same screen, then try following steps:
  • Confirm that, you have done all the on-screen steps carefully and try to refresh your device.
  • If “Error 001” or “not connected” message display on your screen, it means your device is not connected to the Network.
  • Then, choose “Try again” button and again connect your device to the network.
So, If you want to improve your wireless connection, you must follow the beneath procedure.

Steps to check Wireless connection strength:

Basically, check the strength of a wireless connection through these mentioned instructions:
  • Through “settings” menu, choose “Network” option.
  • In case your Roku device is not connected to the internet, then choose “Setup new wireless connection”.
  • After performing previous step, the device displays the signal strength on the screen like Poor, Fair, Good or Excellent.

In case your signal strength is Excellent or good but still connection or playback issues occur:

  • Audit your intervention like microwave ovens, Smartphone, and other wireless devices, shift away from your wireless Router.
  • Verify that your service provider encounter issues and your network provide enough speed to streaming.
  • Decrease network usage of other devices such as; gaming console, mobile phones and other.

If your Wi-Fi strength Fair or poor and you get playback and connection problem:

  • To strong Wi-Fi signal strength, move them closer to each other.
  • Also, you can reestablish router antenna.
  • Further, set your Wi-Fi router at the higher of Roku device.
  • Get out of the Router, if it is in the cabinet.
  • On the other hand, if your Television is set in between your Roku Player and the Router, shift your Roku Device nearby Router so that the Television is not blocking the Wi-Fi signal.

In the case of Wireless signal not that much strong, then follows these some additional ways:

  • Try to purchase a new Wireless Router with Stronger signal or more reliable.
  • Also, you can use Ethernet cable to provide the internet, only if your Roku device has Ethernet jack.
  • Moreover, there are many advance home network available like “mesh network” or “power line”, help to increase wireless coverage area.
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