How to manage and cancel Roku channel subscription

Manage Roku channel subscription from your Roku device

Roku includes many advanced features that will help you to manage your device as well as your account. Moreover, Roku allows you to add payment methods such as credit card payment method and PayPal payment method. In addition, you can add your channels from Roku channels. If you want to add the on-demand channels, you can use Roku payment method for channel purchasing. Furthermore, you can cancel your Roku channel subscription from your Roku streaming device or use your account.

Some necessary instructions for Roku channel subscription:

  • Some Roku channel includes free trial from the specific time period. If you don’t want to continue your subscription, you need to cancel it before ending your free trial
  • Check the terms and conditions of your channel subscription first
  • Moreover, you can open My subscription from your Roku com link account to manage your channel subscription

These are some instruction to manage your Roku channel subscription. Now we are providing some guidance to manage Roku channel subscription. Scroll down to find the step for this process.

Manage Roku channel subscription from your Roku device:

  • You need to use your Roku remote control to perform each step
  • Moreover, you need to press “Home” button to access the Roku main menu

Here we are two method for you that you can choose

From the channel lineup:

  1. Choose “Home” on your Roku remote to open Roku home window
  2. Furthermore, you can use arrow buttons of your remote control to select the channel
  3. Afterward, you need to press the “start” button on your Roku remote control

From your channel store:

  1. Find “Streaming channels” from Roku home screen
  2. Moreover, open Roku category for your subscription channel
  3. Afterward, press OK on your Roku remote control
  • Once you complete the above step, you need to choose “Manage subscription” and view your renewal date as well as access the other details
  • If you wish to unsubscribe, simply choose “Cancel subscription” to unsubscribe

Manage Roku channel subscription from your Roku device:

  • Open your account using PC or laptop
  • Moreover, sign in your Roku account
  • Afterward, you need to find “Manage your subscriptions”
  • Now you can check or manage that you want


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