How to enable Roku closed captioning on your device

How to enable Roku closed captioning on your device

Roku Closed captioning is the text term of the spoken elements, sound effects, and background noises. Further, you can see it on your TV screen after enabling it. You cannot see closed captioning before activating this Roku feature. Moreover, you can use closed captioning feature according to your service provider.  In addition, closed captioning is the imperative feature those are deaf or unable to hear the sound. Apart from this, you can use closed captioning feature if you are unable or it is difficult to understand the dialogues. Furthermore, you can use this feature if you do not want to turn on the volume.

Besides this, you can use closed captioning if your channel provider includes this feature. Therefore, you need to check the information about closed captioning on your channel after activate www roku com link account.

How enable or disable Roku closed captioning?

You can find the Roku closed captioning settings on your Roku streaming device. Now we are going to show you the steps to enable closed captioning on Roku streaming device. Follow the guidelines.

  • You need to find home button on your Roku remote control and then press it
  • Moreover, you need to find the “Settings” option on your Roku screen
  • When you find, select the “Settings” first
  • Further, you need to find as well as choose the “Accessibility” option under Roku settings
  • If you are unable to find this option, you need to choose “Captions”
  • Now, you have to choose “Caption mode” when you see the appearance
  • We are showing you the option that you can choose
  • Off – never appear captions
  • On – always appear captions
  • Instant replay – captions appear when pressing the rewind button on Roku remote
  • When mute – captions appear when the volume is on mute (you cannot use this on all Roku devices)

How to customize Roku closed captioning ?

Roku has style elements that you can customize. Here we are showing you the steps to customize closed captioning.

  • Again press “Home” on your remote control
  • Find Roku settings and then select using your Roku remote control
  • After that, choose “Accessibility” under the Roku settings
  • Further, you have to choose “Caption style” using your remote control
  • Afterward, find “captions” if accessibility is not available
  • Now you need to adjust the following style elements that you can see below
  • Text – style / color / size / edge effect / opacity
  • Background – opacity / color
  • Windows – opacity / color

How to use closed captioning during playback?

Here at Roku com link  we are providing you the guidance to enable Roku closed captioning during the playback. Scroll down and find the steps.

  • When you start playback, you need to press start button on your remote control and open the “Options menu”
  • Now find “Closed captioning” and tap on that
  • Afterward, you can use the right and the left button to adjust the caption settings


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