Roku Feed Feature has become the Best Feature you are not Using

Roku Feed Feature has become the Best Feature you are not Using

The very important feature you have missed in your Roku streaming player or on your home screen. Let us give you the brief description of the best feature introduced by the Roku feed feature. Roku did not create a much fan following when launched but giving very great features; Roku becomes the most important part of each and every individual.

 What actually is a Roku Feed Feature?

If you want to get a notification of all your favorite TV shows, movies, videos, upcoming movies, etc. Then, Roku introduced a new feature that named ‘My Feed’. By this feature, you can add your favorite TV shows, movies, videos and get notification of all your listed shows. It also alerts you when the rental or the subscription charges are less. This is the best feature to follow your favorite episode. The other benefit of this feature is that if you want to get a notification of upcoming movies or TV shows then it also gives you the alert for the same. So, this becomes the best feature ever to create your own playlist you want to watch.

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 How Roku “My Feed” Works?

Roku “My Feed” appears on your main Home screen, heading named as “My feed.” Click on that option then, you can see three categories appears/browse on the screen-

  • The first option is “Movies” that will show you the details of those movies which are already available for rent or purchase and also provides you the details of the rental or purchasing price.
  • The second option appears on the screen is “TV shows” which provides you the list of all popular shows.
  • The last option appears on your home screen is for “Movies coming soon” which gives you the information about the upcoming movies and also for those movies that are still in theater and cinemas or haven’t available on streaming services yet.

To add your favorite movies, TV shows or episodes in “My feed”, you just need to click on the name of movie or TV show and then click on “Follow on Roku.” This will add your choice in “My feed” menu and show alerts for the new episode (TV shows) or movies when their rental or purchasing charges drop.

 Updation of Roku Feed Feature in Future-

There are still some errors which need updating. Sometimes “My Feed” did not notify for whether the new list is updated. So, this will be more accurate after some updating. The next update will include-

  • Advanced sorting options-

In this, the user can sort their TV shows and movies in some specific order. The sorting will be genre or alphabetical order. 

  • Unwatched list-

It will allow the user to differentiate the watched and unwatched list. With this, the user can easily understand the show or movie you have already seen.

  • Live TV-

There are lots of Roku channels such as activate Roku channel, Roku channel, Roku channel which allow keeping track on the live TV. This includes TV shows, movies, sports, live events, breaking news topic.

So here is the guidance on Roku feed feature which you are not using but you have to try at least once.  This will give the different Roku streaming device experience. Furthermore, if you need guidance for more hidden Roku features which you are not using then you can visit us anytime.