How to Setup Amazon fire TV

How to Setup Amazon fire TV

If you want to learn about the setup of the Amazon fire TV then this is the right place for you. From here, you will get the full information about the setup of Amazon TV. Moreover, if you feel any issue while setting up your Amazon fire then no need to worry we will provide you solution for resolving your problem. In addition to it, you can also take our Customer Support for all streaming device because we don’t only provide support for a particular device we provide support for all streaming devices.


Things to be needed for setting up of Amazon fire TV:

There are some important things that you must have to set your Amazon Fire TV. Without having the below-mentioned things you won’t be able to setup your Amazon fire TV.

  1. A compatible home TV
  2. High-speed HDMI cable
  3. An appropriate internet connection
  4. In addition to it, Amazon account


  • A compatible home TV:

    Amazon TV supports HD TV or UHD (Ultra high-definition). So, if you don’t have TV with the mentioned requirement then you cannot enjoy the streaming in Amazon fire. Apart of it, if you want to get more information about system requirement for watching 4k ultra HD in Amazon fire TV then go to watching videos in 4k ultra HD on fire TV.

  • HDMI cable:

    HDMI cable is essential to connect Amazon fire TV to the compatible home TV. Usually, fire TV devices support HDMI A Male-to-Male cables.

  • An appropriate internet connection:

    For the complete setup of Amazon fire TV you need the internet connection for streaming the live content (movies, TV shows, comedy, sports, news etc). You can connect your Amazon to either wired or wireless internet connection.

  • In addition to it, Amazon account:

    Amazon account is also very important to movies, channels, shows etc. In case, you don’t have Amazon account then you will get an option to create a new account during the setup process.

So, it is all about the requirements for setting up Amazon fire TV. Setup is left right now. But don’t worry we will also explain you about the setup. Before setup, let’s have a look at the additional accessories that come with the Amazon fire TV box.

  1. Amazon Fire TV box
  2. Alexa Voice Remote Control
  3. Power adapter
  4. AAA batteries.

Note: Always trying to use the above products when you setting up your Amazon TV. This will protect you to face issues. Now, let’s come to the setup steps that you have to follow one by one.

  • Connect the power adapter:

    First of all, connect the one terminal of the power chord to the Amazon fire and another end to the power outlet. Always prefer to use the power adapter that you get inside the Amazon fire TV box.

  • Connect your Amazon TV to the home TV:

    In this steps, connect one terminal of the HDMI cable to the home TV And another terminal to the Amazon TV. One thing you must remember that which port you are using currently because via this you can then select the corresponding input channel.

  • Choose an input channel for your Fire TV:

    Now, power ON your home TV and choose the HDMI input channel for the port that you used to connect your Amazon fire TV. You will see a loading screen which in turns shows you AN Amazon TV logo.

  • Make your remote ready:

    In this step, ready you remote by inserting batteries inside it. Always prefer to use the batteries that come with the Amazon box. Moreover, if you want to know more about remote setup then go to Remote basics and get the information. After inserting batteries your remote will automatically pair with the Amazon fire TV. If it doesn’t then do this by yourself. Press the home button and go to discover section and finish the pairing process.

  • Connect Amazon TV to the internet:

    For streaming online content, connect your Amazon fire TV to the internet connection. Connect to either wireless or wired network. To get more information about network goes to the setup your Network.

  • Register your TV:

    This is the step in which you will register your Amazon TV to your Amazon account. You can go to register and de-register your Amazon for more information or details. After completing the setup process, you will see a welcome screen on the home TV. This means that you have successfully setup your Amazon fire TV.

If you have issue or query related to setup process then kindly visit our website for Roku support. In addition to it, you can also take help from our well-certified technicians. Moreover, take our Customer Support For roku com link and all Streaming Devices for resolving your problems.


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