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Want to activate Showtime Anytime on Roku? Showtime Anytime is one of the most popular on-demand services on Roku streaming device and it is free service with showtime subscription.  Now you can subscribe Showtime service on your Roku device from However, there is no additional cost for Showtime Anytime. In addition, Showtime Anytime is the paid service, therefore, you need to subscribe to your streaming device. Here we are showing you the services of Showtime Anytime on your Roku player.


  • You can watch every season of the SHOWTIME original series including Shameless & Ray Donovan, Homeland, star-studded hit movies, hilarious comedy specials, groundbreaking documentaries and more.
  • Moreover, it allows you to stream all new episodes during premiere as well as watch past seasons.
  • Furthermore, get access to watch classic Showtime original series such as Weeds and Dexter.
  • In addition, check the new title on the regular basis that always has something new as well as great to watch.
  • Watch currently live shows on Showtime as well as you can switch between the Showtime east service and West service.

Subscribe Showtime Anytime on Roku by using our guideline. Simply scroll down to find the easy steps. Moreover, these steps will help you to activate Showtime Anytime on your Roku streaming device. Simply follow the steps.

Showtime Anytime Com Activate on Roku via

Find how to activate your Roku player’s Showtime Anytime through showtime anytime com activate. To use Showtime Anytime, you must be subscribed to Showtime via a participating TV or streaming service.

Here are showing you the steps to watch Showtime Anytime content on your Roku streaming device.


  • Open or access your account using a PC or laptop or any other
  • Afterward, find an option to open Roku channel store
  • Furthermore, use search option to find Showtime Anytime on Roku channel store
  • You can also sear according to the displayed categories
  • When you find your channel, you need to click on “Add Channel” option
  • This channel is required to complete the subscription, therefore, you have to complete the payment
  • Open to activate
  • After that, complete all the on-screen instructions and enjoy Showtime Anytime on your streaming device


  • Find “Streaming and channel” option on your Roku home screen
  • Moreover, you can scroll up and down to find this option
  • Now search your channel using the search option
  • Once, you find Showtime Anytime, click on the icon
  • Afterward, click on “Add channel” and add it to your Roku channel list
  • Furthermore, complete channel subscription because this is the on-demand service.

If you need more help with Roku activation you can visit Roku com link. A peek into the entertaining American TV

An Introduction:

Entertainment is a mode of recreation where your body, mind and heart are at relief and happiness. With different forms of activities at your doorstep, TV and its allied offerings ring in the most preferred source of fun for the general population.  The programs always have a way of hitting the right nerve and making the self be at ease. After all that is why leisure is brought into being. Although earlier called an idiot box, TV has an enclosed universe of information and fun now days. It’s like a Pandora’s Box of unlimited treasure.

Even the concept of TV has changed with on-demand channels and pay-per-view programs replacing the traditional options. Among them, one of the most momentum gaining option is the Showtime Anytime channel available at or at Activate Showtime Anytime. Nothing gets more popular than an appreciated mode of delight.

A Fast peek: What is Showtime Anytime?

Interesting Fact: Showtime Anytime is an allied subsidiary of the CBS Corporation.

They are of an American origin with the premium cable linage. Showtime Anytime to notify is a Satellite Television Network (STN) serving as a premier tune-up with the Showtime Network a supporting branch of the CBS Company. To get on-demand access to the earlier period and existing programs of recent times, a subscription to the Showtime is a necessity. The subscribers then will get access to the said service with the help of a causal TV/Media supplier. Along with the subscription of the Showtime network comes the additional benefit of accessing Showtime Anytime free of cost. They will at the same time have right of entry to the archive and running library of Movies, Sports, Comedies and other Specials. There is also another option of viewing too. For those who don’t want to be committed to a TV, satellite or Cable variations Showtime gets you live supply of the East and West feeds. Furthermore, it should be noted that this option can be contacted through your mobile devices too.

Showtimeanytime activate Benefits

SHOWTIME ANYTIME subscribers can now watch the current and past seasons of the award-winning original SHOWTIME shows including HOMELAND, RAY DONOVAN, MASTERS OF SEX, CALIFORNICATION, HOUSE OF LIES, DEXTER ®, WEB THERAPY, EPISODES and NURSE JACKIE. Showtimeanytime activate gives you access to SHOWTIME subscribers, they can start streaming the critically acclaimed hit series of the network, along with box office hits, comedy specials, documentaries, and hard-hitting sports programming on their Roku players, and pick up where they left off on their computer or mobile device, so that they can continue to enjoy SHOWTIME programming wherever and whenever they want to watch.

Showtime Anytime: The Origin

With the Premium Cable/Satellite TV network of the Showtime in full flow getting a fast drive, it was time to launch a more handy service. So on the 27th of October 2010, Showtime launched its subordinate channel in the form of a website titled Showtime Anytime. It is worth saying here that this website features near to a whole 400 plus hours of pure entertainment. This includes streaming online and programs substance that comes in a regular or high-clarity definition viewing to the people who have subscribed to the Showtime network (Activate Showtime Anytime). With the content of Showtime Anytime varying from their original set of own programs, they are a set of unavoidable entertainment pack.

Their contributions include verity with the movie library to the uproarious comedy vital style line up to the thought-provoking informative documentaries/Docudramas/Docu-series, sporting programs, etc. Showtime Anytime is currently available to the people of US subscribed to the Showtime TV. They come with different satellite providers (about which we have given the list in a section below). What’s more interesting is that Showtime Anytime has launched an app to look into the convenience of their mobile device users. This app is for download free of cost and is available on major software play stores. Even though released first on the Apple OS platform, later it was made available to the users of the Android version as well.

A taste of listed programs:

The original series from Showtime Anytime including

  • Californication, Dexter, Dreadful, Episodes, Homeland, House Of Lies, Masters of Sex, Nurse Jackie, Penny, Ray Donovan, Shameless, The Affair, Web Therapy, etc.
  • Right of access to an archive of great listed Movies (of the golden era, the contemporary times and constant updating of the latest ones.), Sports, Comedy, and home Specials.
  • In the meantime, it is also possible to watch live sections of Showtime Anytime channels through the East and West live feeds.
  • Greatest options to test before you use… Who doesn’t want to see what they are into before they commit! Showtime Anytime has an offer to the ones who aren’t subscribers with us. A few of the videos are available from the series like the Episodes, Californication, Homeland, House of Lies, Nurse Jackie, The Affair, etc. which are in limited numbers but enough so that you can know what you are in for.    

(reference: Internet Data Bases (IDB))



Showtime Anytime: Network providers!!!


As this is at present contained to only the United States, customers should be mindful that the sites and channels may only work in the continent and surrounding areas. Currently available to the subscribers are the following channel providers with Showtime Anytime from the Showtime family

  • ATT U-verse
  • Bright House Networks
  • Charter
  • Comcast Xfinity
  • Cox
  • DirecTV
  • DISH Network
  • Optimum
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Verizon FIOS

(reference: Internet Data Bases (IDB))


How to Activate Showtime Anytime at

It is worth to be mentioned here that Showtime Anytime, at the moment is available mostly in the United States. There are a few other options available but we will speak about it later down this lane. To avail this channel, options are easy to be accessed. Having this is a great plus point. It can be reached through participating service contributors and entertainment streaming suppliers. The offers with Showtime Anytime are quiet tempting. To avail their direct along with an unhindered entry to ads free acclaimed programs, you can get registered with them at Their accolade improved contributions include SHOWTIME original cycle, never to ignore enticing movies, revolutionary landmark documentaries, rib-tickling hilarious comedy feasts, assertive and enthusiastic sports, and many others. Apart from that you can always catch up on your favorite Live-TV station, get back to you on-demand channels/programs, etc. You can get them on your device of choice like your Tablet, Phone, TV or even on your PC. In addition to this, you will always be able to download the full-episodes of your favorite shows. This applies to the movies too (on Activate Showtime Anytime) being able to access them even while offline the internet on your portable gadgets. Whenever you feel like, where ever you are.

This is the magic of the internet and this is the wonder of on-demand streaming services like Showtime Anytime. At your disposal and with your convenience in mind, these plans are for you to enjoy any time of your day.

Showtime Anytime available on:

Showtime services are available to be accessed on

  • Apple Inc.
  • HULU
  • PlayStation
  • Amazon TV
  • (their own official website) etc.

Although a few options are available, we would like to emphasize here the access to it through the ROKU TV. This service is mainly preferred for its ease in handling, quality of services and above all the preference of the customers. ROKU, already a well-established name, is one of the safest media to partner up with Showtime Anytime. This makes the customers put their trust into the full overhaul too with or at Activate Showtime Anytime.

Showtime anytime com activate roku tv: How to do???

Thinking about activating Showtime Anytime with the ROKU tune source??? Being one of the most preferred and sought after channels with the ROKU streaming service, Showtime Anytime comes as a totally free compliment with the Showtime Subscription. It gets more attractive and persuasive when we revel that to pledge to the channel from your device, you just have to visit Showtime anytime com activate and follow up on the steps for your contribution. It’s worth the reminder again that the complimentary service of Showtime Anytime is to totally free when added on. Showtime in return is a paid tune-up and you should make sure of its payment to enjoy at the fullest its contribution. With subscribing this to your streaming device, you are now full on ready to be relaxed and enjoy the list of pursuits.

The list of Showtime Anytime services on the ROKU player are varied and we would like you to get to know them listed below.

Services: Showtime Anytime

With the subscription of Showtime Anytime comes an unrestricted source of fun and leisure. Some very quirky and entertaining series of shows (like Shameless, Ray Donovan, Homeland etc and silver screen luminaries studded all time hit movies, side-splitting slapstick specials, landmark revolutionary films etc.) is at your choice in here. Apart from this vast archive, premier episodes and past/present episodes etc of these programs can be viewed at whim on this service. What’s more alluring is that access to traditional Showtime Originals like the Weeds, Dexter etc is also available for access and viewing. This is all inclusive with the additional feature of live viewing and watching on-time shows on Showtime. It is also given as an option to switch between the Showtime East and West services.

With all these at offer and an all attractive service at offer, why the wait??? Just get going with the registration for Showtime Anytime on ROKU at Activate Showtime Anytime. It’s simple and easy to navigate through, with the step in a simple and navigatable succession. You just need to scroll down further to the admittance of it. Furthermore these simple steps will gain you help in registering with us on your ROKU device, as you just have to follow the steps below. Careful understanding of the listing is just what is needed to get you through enjoying an unlimited line-up of fun at your comfort.

Activation with How?

Using your Account:

As the payment is necessary to get the right to view the Showtime Anytime services we are always at your help. The easiest of any step for registration is detailed below. Additionally, you just have to remember, following these steps are not just for a subscription but the existence of unparalleled excitement and relaxation.

After logging in to your ROKU account at

  • Keep it ready to access with your mobile device, your PC, your Laptop or any other mode of choice.
  • As you get going, click on the option to open the ROKU Channel store.
  • Afterward, you can search among the displayed options for adding the Channel.
  • In the meantime, use the option of search to find the Showtime Anytime link (if it isn’t already on the list).
  • At the same time, after finding your channel, tick on the ‘Add Channel’ choice to get access to it.
  • This is a paid channel subscription, so in regards to total the check with the registration, you have to complete the payment.
  • For that, open at to get going with the activation.
  • Subsequently, follow the instructions and get going with the directions to finally sit back and enjoy Showtime/Showtime Anytime. All in the comfort of your cozy space.

With the registration done and dusted with, it’s totally at your notion to avail the benefits of being with us. As you enjoy our services, it should make sure that none of your personal information and details are passed to other people whom you don’t trust. It’s your responsibility that your account is safe and free from a third party alteration.

Admittance with your ROKU device (after registering):

With using your ROKU device to stream channel that are on-demand, paid or free, it’s like a walk through the valley.

After you have received the confirmation of the subscription of the channel having done through the ROKU link, you have to switch on your ROKU device. The following steps indicate how to start with the final procedure with the installation of your subscribed channel onto your gadget.


  • Search for the option ‘Streaming and Channel’ on the ROKU home screen of your device.
  • Additionally, you can scroll up and down the screen to trace this specific option.
  • With that option selected, you can now look on for the channel with the given search option.
  • Subsequently, after finding the Showtime Anytime icon, click on it.
  • After that, select the ‘Add Channel’ and finally add it to your ROKU list of Channels with your choice.
  • Moreover. Make sure your main channel subscription is complete as it’s an on-demand channel.

If there is any confusion or problem regarding the activation of ROKU, Showtime Anytime or any other features, please do visit the



Entertainments can be many of a channel but getting the verity in quality is what Showtime Anytime is known for. With prompt assistance for your grievances, this service is everything you can ask for. Although a primary American TV provider, its auxiliaries provide options to other part of the world too. The options are many and it’s your choice to choose which one. Leisure at its full glory, fun at its finest… Showtime Anytime gets you the beautiful feeling of relaxation within entertainment. Furthermore, lean back… Set your programs at check … and Be ready for a firm time of glorious happiness in the finest of the American TV and its allied subsidiaries.

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