How to Solve the Unauthorized Message Issue on your Roku Device?

How to Solve the Unauthorized HDCP Message Issues on your Roku Device

Roku streaming player is player which stream the content from the Internet. It needs an HD TV to reveal the streaming content. But in this case, if it shows the purple screen with the unauthorized HDCP message issues then it finds that your TV or AVR (Audio/Video Reciever) do not support the relevant content security technology, which is known as HDCP. An HDCP standard prevents the copying of the original digital audio and video content by an HDMI cable link. If you view a purple screen while playing a video on your Television, it means your TV/AVR is not supporting HDCP. This issue is likewise prompted by the extra reasons like utilizing an imperfect or blemished HDMI cable, defective HDMI connector.

At www Roku com link you are furnished with the given guidance to sort out the of the unauthorized HDCP message issues :

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  1. First of all, Plug out the respective ends of the HDMI cable from your TV and Roku device.
  2. Secondly, Switched off the power of your TV and Roku streaming player.
  3. After that, make a connection to your HDMI cable and inject them quietly.
  4. Now the time is to reconnect your TV and Roku streaming player to their respective power supplies and switched the power on.
  5. Now play the video again.

If the above-given points are not useful, then try different suggestions given beneath by

  1. Try to use a different HDMI cable to input your TV.
  2. Try to use a new HDMI cable and check that the cable you are using does not have any flaw.
  3. If you are using an HDMI converter or AVR, then attach your Roku streaming player direct to your TV.
  4. Try to use a TV preferably than a computer or a monitor.
  5. Go to the Settings then Display type. Here you can edit the display settings on your Roku streaming player.
  6. If still, you view the purple screen, then ensure that your TV/AVR support HDCP. In another way, you can contact your TV producer for further knowledge.

We hope that this information will help you to find an appropriate solution to handle the unauthorized HDCP message issues on Roku streaming device. To get more details Roku issues you can visit us.


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