How to Use Smartphones or Tablets to Operate Roku Player

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Stream your Smartphones or tablets to the TV with Roku player

Smartphone or tablet to the TV with Roku player. Here we will tell you the features of Roku mobile app and after reading these features you definitely want to stream your Smartphone or tablet to the TV with Roku streaming player. So, let’s start streaming with your smartphones or tablets


Enjoy control via Smartphone:

Now you can control your Roku player by the Smartphone. It has same functionality like Roku streaming player, you can stream anything like movies, shows, music etc just from your Smartphone or tablet. Moreover, the app also includes the virtual keyboard and by using this you can easily type your text as well as you can access any channel which you have installed by just a few steps.

Make streaming simple and easy:

This is the time to make streaming simple and easy, you can control your streaming via Smartphone or tablet. This could be possible by just install Roku mobile app and able to access so many features of Roku:

  • You can browse as well as add channels from the channel store
  • Able to search by using keyboard and voice as well
  • Use as remote control
  • View latest update.
  • View your images on the TV screen:We are trying making everything easy for you and this is also the part of that, now you can see your memories like photos, videos, music etc on the big TV screen just using Roku.
  • Make your search easy:There are multiple options for you to make your search comfortable; you can use anyone of them:
  • Simple search
  • Voice search
  • Virtual keyboard

Here are ways to stream your smartphones or tablets to the TV with Roku player. For more query feel free to contact us  on official blog of Roku com link