How to Use Text-to-speech with Roku Streaming Device?

How to Use Text-to-speech or audio guide feature with Roku Streaming Device

Converting the text into spoken audio output is what the name “text-to-speech” suggests. TTS(text-to-speech) systems or audio guide feature basically developed to help visually impaired people; as the system could literally “read” the text to the user.

Roku is the device in the growing market that takes care of almost every aspect of the society. Furthermore, To meet the demand a feature naming “Audio Guide” is provided by the Roku device working on TTS system.

What is Audio Guide?

A text-to-speech a screen reader assisting the blind and visually impaired users. It used for the navigation of the Roku and also the onscreen menus; is what actually the “Audio Guide”  feature of Roku device means.

Moreover, By activating this feature would start reading out texts, menus and many other on-screen items.

How to Use Audio Guide Function?

Using Audio Guide is very easy.One can turn the feature “on” and “off” by clicking on the ‘*’ button present on the- Roku device consecutively for four times.

The location of ‘*’ button being below directional pad and at the right side of the Roku remote. Another way to use the Audio Guide be turning it “on” and “off” options present in the Accessibility category of the Settings menu.

Availability of Audio Guide Feature.

Available on all Roku TV models in the United States. Also, some selected Roku streaming devices like Roku Ultra(4640X) , Roku Premiere+(4630X) , Roku Premiere(4620X) , Roku Express+(3710X) , Roku Express(3700) , and Roku Streaming Stick(3600X).

Enabling Audio Guide on your Roku device requires the device to update to Roku OS 7.5. The language used by the feature is only US English. if any other language selected will turn off the Audio Guide. Apart from this, Using private listening feature available in Roku mobile app for iOS and Android for selected devices will disable the feature.

How do I Navigate the Roku Interface using Audio Guide Feature?

Also, Navigating on the Roku interface becomes very easy when the Audio Guide is turned on.

The Guide then reads all the information displayed on the screen about the name of the screen and the location of the user.

Sometimes the channels installed are arranged in the form of a grid; then you can automatically navigate through entertaining Roku channels list using left and right buttons available on the directional pad.

How do I Change the Settings of Audio Guide?

Customizing the Audio Guide can be done by visiting Settings>Accessibility>Audio Guide.

Following this, a list of configurations comes up:-

  1. Audio Guide On/Off
  • Turn on and off the Audio Guide directly using this.
  1. Speech Rate
  • Customizes the speed with which it reads the text. Speed rate includes four types of speed be it low, normal, fast and very fast.
  • Navigating through the speeds will give the sample of each speed; once you select one-click button on the remote.
  1. Volume
  • This feature enables the user to change the volume of the Guide in accordance with the volume of the TV.

So here the full details on audio guide function, availability of audio guide feature, how do I navigate the Roku interface using audio guide, how do I change the settings of the audio guide. We hope that you are satisfied with above guidance. Moreover, To get more details you follow help.