Steps for Activation

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Facing problems in activate:-
  • Having the problem with Roku activation?
  • Not able to activate Roku successfully?
  • Not able to see Roku code on screen?
  • Problem with activate
  • How to get Roku link code?
  • Getting errors like error 001, error 003, error 009, error 011, and error 014?
  • Roku remote is not responding?

After buying the Roku streaming player, this is necessary to setup and activate your account. So, here we are going to guide you for Roku activation and Roku com link activation. There are three levels of both processes. Sometimes, setting up and activate any streaming device it seems to be hard but not at all time if you are going to use Roku streaming player. You can take help from here and setup and activate your Roku streaming player in an easy way. Here, we are providing step by step guidance for the Roku setup and activate.

Phase: 1. Link your Roku device

We have to start from the beginning, firstly just connect to or link your Roku streaming player to your TV. Follow the steps;
  • Check it out, your TV should have HDMI port
  • If not, then you can use composite cable for the connection
  • Now connect your TV to the HDMI cord or composite cable
  • By using power adapter, connect your Roku player to the power source
  • Plug in the power adapter and turn on it
  • After that, you have to turn on your Roku streaming player
  • Now setup your Roku remote control
  • You have to insert both power batteries into your Roku remote control
  • Make sure, it will be inserted from the (-) side

Phase: 2. Roku on-screen setup

  • Turn on your Roku streaming player
  • See the startup screen with Roku logo
  • Select a language according to your comfort
  • Now the next step is, connect your Roku streaming player to the network connection
  • You can use either wired network connection or wireless network connection.
  • If you want to use wired network connection, you must have an Ethernet cable for the internet connection
  • Select your network and enter your wireless network password for the wireless network connection
  • After getting network connection, Roku will automatically download and install the latest software
  • When software installation process will be done, Roku will reboot automatically
  • After restart, Roku will show you a code on the screen
  • This is the unique Roku link code which is necessary for the Activation.
  • Hope your Roku will setup successfully, if there is any problem then you can take help from the Roku com Link support
  • Move for the account activation

Phase: 3. activation

  • After completing 2nd phase, now start linking to roku com link.   
  • Use your PC or laptop (should be connected to the internet), enter in the browser
  • Then enter your unique Roku code here and click on ‘Submit’
  • Now create your new Roku account for activation
  • If already have Roku account then simply log in to the existing account
  • Choose payment method here
  • Then enter your credit card details
  • Now you can add your channels as well as other streaming content
  • Watch your content and enjoy streaming with Roku streaming player

If you are getting problems in activate, take help from Roku Com support and you can use Roku chat support service as well.